Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Educate Yourself Part 2 - Resources

I realized shortly after my last post of informational water-boarding that some of you guys might like a few solid places to get some information. I'm gonna drop a few links here to some sources I follow pretty regularly.

Elliot Hulse/ StrengthCamp - This dude has some serious lifting chops. He's a strong man competitor and all around beast. Just...look at him. He's also very well spoken and happens to know a lot about a really wide variety of training methodologies. Sometimes he gets a little esoteric and philosophical, even for me, but he has some really great videos with some very solid information.

CrossFit Journal - The CrossFit website in general is a pretty insane resource especially considering it's 100% free. I don't really agree with the gym's pay structures and their corporate philosophy but the reality is that a huge number of people involved with CrossFit culture are really well informed and on the cutting edge of what I consider true fitness. The CrossFit Journal lays out some really spectacular basics for every aspect of fitness from flexibility to proper just might have to sift through some BS to get to it.

Marke Rippetoe - This guy is the truth when it comes to lifting massive amounts of weight. While he is a bit of a pariah in the fitness world (had publicized falling outs with both NSCA and CrossFit) His program Starting Strength remains one of the most highly respected and effective methods of building serious foundational strength for heavy compound lifts. This link actually goes to a list of articles he wrote for the website T-Nation. If you're curious about Starting Strength as a program you can google it or if there's enough interest I'll do a post about it.

MobilityWOD - Ok, this is one of my new favorite websites. It's run by a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) which means that his knowledge of how the human body works is more complex than yours or mine will probably ever be. He has a ton of great articles/videos on how to maintain the structural integrity of your body. He also isn't one of those PT's who thinks the solution to every injury is rest. If you're hurt or lacking mobility, there's a good chance this guy has an entry to help you out. It may not help you get big and jacked, but staying injury free is key to becoming invincible.

This stuff should help get you guys started. Back soon with a new post. Now get out and get after it.


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